Semen – Love’s Lifeforce

When a man and a woman connect passionately and in complete pleasure, the resulting release is emotional, spiritual and physical. Two bodies become one – symbiotically achieving indescribable feelings that extend beyond the realm of touch. Fingers delicately touching each other’s flesh, tongues entwined, lips bonded; it is the hearts that beat in synchronous rhythm as bodies move with singularity. The senses are overridden when intimate partners engage, holding nothing back. Souls escape the bounds of flesh joining as a single being. Yes, this is how it happens for me with authentic love.

I will deal with many aspects of intimacy and how important everything is and how it all works together to perpetuate the sharing of intimacy between two people. Far too often, partners engage less in intimacy. Complacency central to many relationship failures as couples allow intimacy to become routine and so, mundane. For me, keeping my heart, soul and mind on the deep meaning that lies within intimacy, I remain entirely focused towards my partner. The bonds deepen between she and I as we allow ourselves to be open and lay aside all of our issues.

The Healing Properties of Semen

Readers of this blog will see many references to the importance of the physical release that occurs between a man and a woman. People see the act of male ejaculation in far too simplistic – a mechanism that merely delivers (the potential of) fertilization of the female’s egg (during ovulation). In reading Sperm Wars: Seeding Passion’s Flame, there is much more that takes place than merely insemination. The author’s posts surrounding cuckolding and the competition of the sperm (from different men released inside of the same woman) and the correlation between over-driven arousal for some men to see their significant other sexually engaged with another man is intriguing (needless to say, there have been thoughts of seeing my wife’s pussy filled with another man’s cum). For me, the excitement surrounding cum stems from my desire to please my wife and extend our love-making beyond single orgasms (for both of us). I am extremely aroused to go down on her after I fill her to overflowing with my semen.

A Surprising Stowaway in Semen

There is spiritual energy contained within semen – in particular, cum that has been gifted to the woman. When I go down on my wife and my mouth is flooded with my cum (mixed with her fluids), the energy overtakes me and sets my soul and body alight and charged to give to her again and again. The visual of my semen flowing from her vulva is extremely sexy. When my wife goes down on me and takes me to the point of orgasm, she moans with delight when I begin to release my semen int o her mouth. I am nearly begging her to share her reward with me and yet I am left with sincere hunger as she swallows every drop.  She, too is overwhelmed by the power contained within the creamy substance.

Crying Over Spilled Semen – Why women who don’t use condoms feel happier.

When I cum inside of her, I feel my energy diminishing with each pulse of my body. I feel it flowing through my cock as her soul is boosted by the reception of me. The transference from my body is a gift for her. When she shares it back to me, there is a completing of the intimacy circle. I never experienced this until I began to go down on her after filling her with my seed. I cannot perceive this taking place between two people in casual sex as this is a culmination of the love we share.

I can imagine that my readers might struggle with this description and I only ask that they keep an open mind. They will have to trust that I am as normal as anyone and that with patience and profound love for and from their partner, they too can discover the depths to which their intimacy can take them.