We do not presume to have answers for relation questions or ills nor have we discovered the magical relationship healing elixir.

What we have discovered is that he was once a one-and-done man when it comes to intimacy and that through being a giver to his partner, intimacy has been propelled light years since he shifted away from receiving and settling for achieving his own orgasms. She has dealt with her own challenges in intimacy and together we both have dedicated ourselves to work through them and to strive to share what we enjoy giving and receiving.

We want to share what we have learned so that others may benefit and perhaps see their own relationships experience substantial turnaround. It is our hope that their views on making love and all of the taboos (that we were once restrained by) will be set aside.

As the tagline of this blog states, aside from the physiological and emotional responses to intimacy, humans are also subjected to the residual effects of seeing our partner before, during and after making love and relish the impact they have upon our senses. Seeing our  partner in the throws of ecstasy (body movements, facial expressions, sounds and how her vulva, clitoris and vagina or his cock, scrotum and other parts respond) leaves an indelible effect upon our drive. Seeing our anatomy in a heightened, post-intimacy state of arousal, wet with our juices that beautifully assault the senses only serves to pour fuel on our fires of intimacy to continue to please each other.

We are not without flaws or failure. We have both made mistakes and have hurt each other and yet we are learning to be self-aware and offering care for the other when hurts occur. We have made substantial mistakes (his was epic) and taking what we have learned and using it to help our marriage.

We both will be writing and sharing on this blog, each from our individual perspectives.  We hope that you will give us latitude and perhaps even benefit from what we share in this space.

Thank you for being here.

Kind regards,

Melinda & Paul