My Healing and Our Forth-cummming Return

I wanted to take the time to send an update to everyone. I have the last of my casts off (though I am wearing a brace to assist in bearing the load) and now the physical therapy is turning up with greater intensity. I am getting stronger and I am more mobile. The best part of not having encumbrances is…I CAN GET COMPLETELY WET and I can make love to my husband without any interference! That means baths and showers and swimming and with the weather becoming so nice, I will be in the water (perhaps Paul and I will have to get back to our youth and make love in the water!!)!

At my last my last ortho visit, my doctor cautioned me that I may require one more surgery (which would bring my post-accident total to four) – I was anticipating one to remove the plate, screws and pin but this one could be an additional procedure.

There is healing in this moment.

Our sex lives are back to normal (and have been for a while now…we can and did adapt to my limitations) and I am so happy to be giving to Paul as I have been receiving! Feeling my husband’s pleasure as I did before the accident has been so needed and, I know, helpful in my healing. Experiencing my orgasms and those of my husband is a medicine that restores me – mind, body and spirit!

Paul and I will be making more of a return to writing as we can – we both miss sharing this part of our lives with you. We love giving to others who are seeking to grow and heal in their intimate lives. We are blessed to share ourselves with you all.

Love to you all,


4 thoughts on “My Healing and Our Forth-cummming Return”

    1. Thank you. It has been a lengthy process in healing and for us in working back to some semblance of normal intimacy with my injuries. My husband has been amazing in seeing past the dressings, casts and my reduced capacity for the level of preparation for him that I prefer to give to him. If you want to truly understand who your spouse is, watch what they do when you are incapacitated, vulnerable and wholly unattractive.

      Glad you liked the pic!! I loved it, too!


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