Reader Post: Husband Seeks Guidance for Making His Fantasy Real

When Paul and I started this blog, it was truly for the purpose of encouraging other couples to explore and expand their intimacy hopefully by drawing inspiration from how love and share our bodies with each other. It was our original goal to put ourselves out into the public and show what it is that we enjoy in our physical intimacy that has helped us to grow together as a couple and to thrive upon catering to each others’ needs. It is a relationship of giving and receiving.

We don’t want to take your attention away from the subject of today’s post by delving too far into what has been happening in our lives – namely with the progress of my recovery and healing. I am steadily getting better and I am happy to announce that Paul and I have been making love again (it has been far too long and my husband is a contortion artist to work around my awkward cast!!!)!  Now, onto our first article in ages…

This is our second reader’s post to our blog (see our first: His Quickness Inadvertently Breaks (them both) Through a Roadblock). Paul and I absolutely LOVE having our readers submit their input, questions, concerns or feedback to our blog, especially when they are willing to have it be posted for others to read, enjoy and request feedback (as today’s reader has).  This article was submitted by a reader that we will call, Husband Seeking Guidance (HSG).
(note: we edited the content for grammar and flow but the story is entirely HSG’s.)

Everything began with my wife pleasuring me with her mouth. With the way that she makes me feel with her mouth, my wife takes me to the limits and she loves for me to cum on her beautiful breasts.

Soon after my release, I enter her and we are making love but I find myself incapable of taking my eyes away from gazing at her semen-covered breasts. The way it looks on her is so erotic and I am soon fantasizing that the semen came from another man. The idea of another man making love to her and ejaculating  on her is so incredibly arousing. As I am lost in this vision, she asks me if I enjoy looking at her breasts and without hesitation, I tell her of my fantasy. My wife asks me if I would lick the semen from her breasts and I gladly oblige as I continue my thoughts of the cum being from another man while sliding my cock inside of her.

Now knowing of my thoughts and this fantasy, my wife asked me if I enjoyed the thought of the semen that I cleaned up as being from another man.  I was so incredibly aroused by her question coupled with the taste of semen still in my mouth and my fantasy, I left no doubts for her as I suddenly erupted inside of her, filling her with an enormous release. My wife had her answer.

While I was using our home computer a few days after telling my wife of my fantasy of having another man with her, I accidentally discovered in the browser history sites and content that my wife had been recently viewing. One thing that stood out to me among what my wife was viewing was a video of a seemed to be a man fucking a woman in front of her husband. Intrigued by this, I watched the entire video to see the man release inside of the wife and then he pulled his cock out of her. The camera focused in on her cum-filled pussy  when suddenly the husband appeared between her legs and began to clean up his wife’s pussy. He pushed his tongue deep inside of her pulling out incredible amounts of semen and swallowed each time. As with some men, I enjoy going down on my wife to clean up my semen from inside of her as Paul does with his wife, Melinda (and they talk about on this site). But this was different and I was shocked to see the video. However, in all honesty, I was left completely aroused. My cock was painfully erect!

After watching the video, I didn’t mention anything to my wife. I just left it alone but I was very curious as to what my wife was thinking. A few days passed and again I checked the browser history and saw that my wife was viewing more of this sort of porn (cuckold) with increasing frequency.

A few days later, my wife asked me (again) in the midst of making love if I enjoyed seeing her breasts covered with semen and without hesitation, I told her that I did.  A sexy smile came over her face as we made love and she started to talk more dirty (than normal) to me. She told me that it really turned her on and that she like my thoughts of having another man’s semen on her. I was getting so close to cumming as she continued.  Her words and the vision of that semen on her chest took me over the edge and an instant, my cock was pulsing semen deep inside of my wife.  As soon as the last jet of cum pushed into her, without hesitation I pulled out and lowered my mouth down to her cum-saturated pussy and began licking and enjoying the taste of semen inside of her.

In between pushing my tongue into her and sweeping out cum, I asked my wife what she was thinking. Though I wasn’t anticipating her reply it was not at all surprised by what she said. My wife said that she was thinking about her pussy being full of another man’s seed and how she was aching for me to clean out every last drop from her. I was so immediately aroused by her words and continued cleaning her as her body suddenly shuddered and she bucked as she experienced one of the most impactful orgasms that she enjoyed in quite awhile.

I was afraid of the idea of this being somewhat self-humiliating or that she would see me differently or as less than a man. I asked her what was so arousing about the thought of me licking her after her being filled with another man’s semen as well as having expressed my concerns to her. My wife explained to me that to her, there was nothing but a demonstration of my love for her in the act of reclaiming her after having been taken by another man. The notion that she was his for a time as he made love to her and left his seed within her and she was returning to me and that I was accepting her back.

This has been our fantasy and we have been enjoying the role-playing aspects of this for some time now. The excitement is incredible and it has made our love making so intense and produced amazing orgasms for us both. We are now talking about taking the next steps in this fantasy – the desire for us to act on it for real and to invite another man into our bed.

I am asking for help and in doing so, I have a few questions for you (Melinda and Paul) and for your readers:

  1. Is it wrong for me to be aroused by the thought of another man or other men to be making love to my wife?
  2. I am turned on by the idea of eating another man’s semen from my wife’s vagina and I am willing to actually do it. Is this wrong? Is it a gay-thing?

Thank you for reading and I truly hope to hear from you and your readers.


20 thoughts on “Reader Post: Husband Seeks Guidance for Making His Fantasy Real”

  1. A fascinating story. I don’t see this as a gay thing as HSG puts it, since it very much keeps the focus on his wife, her pleasure and the couple’s continuing intimacy. As long as both are into this, where is the harm? I am curious about where they both go from here

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    1. Thank you for starting off with the responses to HSG. I agree with your thoughts.

      If this is a direction that both of them desire to move as a couple, then there isn’t anything negative that can be perceived when they do this with caution. Paul and I have also discussed similar fantasies and we too have role-played and acted out as HSG and his wife have. This has been quite exciting for us both. We have considered the idea of acting on the fantasy and explored (through discussion) how we would do this and what the risks and each of our concerns (fears) might be. we also discussed how we would go about finding the right person who would be safe for us to include in our fantasy. Needless to say, we haven’t gone forward and this post has re-ignited the conversations again.

      I don’t see HSG having anything remotely close to gay tendencies within this act. Semen is purely a product of making love and whether this comes from another man or himself when he moves down to enjoy and pleasure his wife in the process, it is merely a fluid but his wife is the center of his desires. No, it isn’t a “gay-thing.” It is quite sensual.


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      1. As sensual as receiving my husband’s penis inside of me is, what is truly the most intimate and a physical demonstration of giving is oral. I am so aroused by his face buried between my legs and feeling his tongue and lips on (and in) me. When there is semen present, I am already at a heightened state and the presence of his mouth on me is incredible!


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      2. Another man with my wife while I only watch or get may balls sucked has been a fantasy we have role played over the past year. But the acting out on it is scary to both of us and I dont have any interest in eating someone else semen (I just started eating my own recently)

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      3. What is it about seeing another man making love to your wife that is exciting for you?

        From my perspective, seeing Paul in pleasure is, for me, the most incredible and fulfilling part of our intimacy. I am also fearful of having another man see my body, let alone touch and penetrate me and ejaculate inside of me. There is an incredible element of excitement in the fear and seeing Paul’s cock get so hard when we roll-play takes me to an orgasm so fast and it is always very powerful. We have also roll-played the semen inside of me being from another man and that adds yet another element of excitement for him as he licks it from me. I doubt that either of us could ever bring ourselves to have anyone join us but the fantasy has been incredibly fun!

        How long have you been eating your cum? Do you and your wife ever share it? I love to orally please Paul and take his release and share it with him in a cum kiss!!! ❤ ❤


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      4. Mel,
        Now you’re making me think. 🙂
        I thoroughly enjoy my wife’s pleasure. I love to watch her cum, the tensing on her body, the expression on her face, the build of desire, the release, the peacefulness and fulfillment. The past few years she has taken to sucking on my balls more than my cock. This is very sexy but creates an imbalanced desire. Sometimes she will let me stroke myself while she does this and sometimes she does not. Most of the time we have sex after ball sucking but occasionally, she uses it as a tease and then we go to sleep. The best times are when she uses her rabbit vibrator while my balls are in her mouth. I get the whole pleasure of watching her cum in a very submissive position (there is something very trusting when your balls are in someone’s mouth) and it is exciting to see her filled from a 3rd person perspective.
        I had a few dreams a year back that started vague but became 3-way fantasy things – and to my surprise it was M-F-M not F-M-F. It never crossed my mind before but now I find it very hot to have her control me and take pleasure from her vibrator and tell me she has had enough and I will have to wait for the next time.
        My fear of this becoming reality is that I would not be needed or wanted and I would be pushed out and replaced by the 3rd person. This has almost a non-existent chance with my wife but insecurities are hard to rationalize.
        As far as eating my cum, there have been a few times over the years where I was inverted and we would kiss while I masturbated to the point of cuming on our kiss. This would end quickly and I would wipe the cum off with a tissue. Throughout our marriage I would tell her I was going to lick my cum from her after sex… but that was before I came  I never followed through on that after releasing.
        The true cum eating started about 6 months ago when she decided I would have to eat it off her whenever I came on her instead of using a tissue. 2 or 3 time since then she has seductively coaxed me into cuming in my mouth and recently (since the new year) she has taken to ruining my orgasms and letting them fill a table spoon, then feeding them to me. I enjoy experimenting and I love doing things that get her going. We have not done cum trading kisses but I had brought it up and she seems very interested in doing that.
        Sorry for the length of the reply.

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      5. OMG, please do NOT apologize for sharing your experiences! I don’t know much about ruining orgasms and I have no idea if Paul would watch something like that. I LOVE his releases as much, if not more than he does. It gives me pleasure to watch him in the throes of orgasm.

        I hope you and your wife discover how erotic cum-kisses are. Enjoying them in our intimacy has changed our love-making for the best.


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      6. There’s something about it being taken away at the last minute that makes it maddeningly lustful and a desire to want more immediately.
        On the other hand, your description of cum kisses makes me want to do that tonight 🙂


  2. Hi Mel, Thank you for posting friend. I hope you are recovering nicely. How absolutely wonderful you are finally able to use Paul’s penis and skilled tongue in and on you again. I know how much you enjoy him.
    This is an interesting question, the first part is easy in my opinion, whatever turns you on. Thinking about things to make you horny, I feel is normal.
    For instance my hetero husband, I have had him suck and deep throat my large dildo while I get him off by hand or with a vibrator telling him to take and pleasure this huge cock while he cums. Why? Because I want to control him and have him think a man is in his mouth.
    I don’t think its gay, he is married to me. I am sure he would suck a cock for me if I told him to.
    Now, I have considered allowing another man to make love to me and fill me with a large load and have my husband clean him and me up, it actually makes me very horny to even think about it. But have not done so yet. The funny part is, I would still want my husband, he is my man, my sex toy would be just that, a sex toy for part time pleasure. My pussy is my husbands but I control when he gets it and if I wanted, who gets it.
    I am a very strong advocate of your male cleaning up semen. The more the better, I just love that act of submission.

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    1. Hi D!!

      I wondered if you would be commenting and true to your beautiful character, your words are exactly what I have come to anticipate from you. I do love how you and your hubby are with each other and that he loves to please you as he serves you. It is so apparent that he adores and loves you deeply and passionately.

      You, too have considered making love with another man and receiving his semen to give to your husband? Have you both talked about this?

      Yes, I have been so relieved to finally be able to be pleasured by Paul both orally and with his cock…what a RELIEF!!! My hygiene has been difficult (to say the least) to maintain at the level that makes me feel good and so I have been reticent to allow Paul to put his mouth anywhere near my vagina. Now that I am getting better at managing bathing and maneuvering in the bathroom, I am able to feel comfortable and confident that I am clean for him. That first penetration was pure heaven!


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      1. Thanks for replying Mel:
        I would have had my husband keep me clean and use his tongue in me while I was recovering I think. As you know, he would also lovingly clean me with his tongue if I wanted. He is surely crazy. He loves his mouth down there.

        Yes my love I have talked to him about it in detail a while back when I was head over heels out of my mind horny with a gal I was corresponding with on WordPress. I was thinking back then about having him (husband) do it but finding a boytoy would have been difficult someone that I would have no worry about disease as he would be in me with no protection.

        I wrote about a dream back then where three men filled me up and my husband consumed it all. The person I talked about knowing in my dream was her husband.
        Yesterday I had my husband twice so I had many many orgasms. I am doing well right now with him sucking just his load from me. Plus he gets an extra when I am thru, he get my pee too.

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      2. D, my sweet,

        I want to be pleasing to Paul and I know how “bad” things have been “down there” with me so I couldn’t imagine allowing him to do that. He did insist on going there as he, like your amazing hubby, LOVES to be there with his beautiful mouth!

        I LOVED reading about your friend and how you two were with each other! I could see that easily being such a wonderfully erotic outlet. Your dream of having one of the the three men being your friend’s husband? Mmmm! Sounds exciting!

        I LOVE how you two are together and similarly, Paul and I make love as often as is possible. It is sheer joyfulness that I am left with (besides his semen inside of me) in sending him off to work with his body drained of cum. I get to feel him inside of me throughout the day (I love when I am naked or in the bathroom and I get to inhale his scent and see his semen collecting in my panties!!!).

        Paul loves his semen from inside of me or from my mouth more than he does licking it off of my tummy. Have you and your husband enjoyed cum-kisses yet? Those are my favorite!!


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