Accidents, Injuries and Amazing Support

Our absence from our blog has probably been noticed by some folks and I thought that it would be appropriate to provide some insight as to why we haven’t given much time to our site, commenting on others’ posts, etc.

I will preface this with something positive – everything is OK.

Melinda was in an accident resulting in serious injuries that required some time in the hospital that included multiple surgical procedures. She is home now and recovering and healing. She will make a full recovery so please do not worry. I have her covered and am taking care of her. Our employers have been amazingly supportive as have our families, friends and neighbors. It has been incredibly humbling to see our community unify and rally around us, offering (and delivering) more than just words of encouragement and making my load a little lightened through their efforts.

I am overwhelmed and amazed. Melinda and I will be forever grateful.

Though they may never see this blog (I hope that they do NOT), to them i offer my sincerest “thank you.”



22 thoughts on “Accidents, Injuries and Amazing Support”

  1. Hello,

    I have a question, mostly for Melinda; In many of your blogs, there is mention of having semen still inside you in the morning, after a night of passion.
    How have you gotten past the ‘messiness’ of that?
    I dearly desire that my wife cherish my seed within her all night, or day as the case may be. I’ve only recently communicated that wish to her, and it is yet to be fulfilled. I’d love to see her ‘let go’ of the neatness and embrace the sloppy sensuality of unbridled sexual passion.
    How did you embrace the wetness, the ‘unclean’ feelings?
    I don’t know how to help her push through her blocks. I feel a real rejection as a man when my seed is discarded as something ‘icky’ or ‘gross.’
    I’m with Paul, there’s sacredness to it, it’s literally a life force.
    Thanks for sharing your journey to increased intimacy. Get well soon.


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    1. El,

      I used to run to the bathroom after Paul finished inside of me and I did that for years. When we started our family and I needed Paul’s semen to remain inside of me, I realized how important his seed is as part of our intimacy. From the moment we began to work for conception, I would lay there in bed, full of his cum and fight the urge. After a few months of trying, the urge passed and I have never gone to the bathroom unless it was to shower before going somewhere or if I had a, ahem, “need.”

      Now, Paul’s semen is so much an important part of our intimacy and I am so eager to return to what our normal is after I am through with casts, dressings and other wonderful encumbrances of poat-crash/post-op healing.



  2. Hi Paul, my heart goes out to Beautiful Melinda and you and your children.
    I do Prey and hope for you all during Her recovery phase. Life is very short and sometimes we are reminded of our frailties with life’s unseen events and burden’s.
    I have wondered a lot about your absence but figured lighter life loads were the reason.
    Please give Melinda my love and faith..

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      1. Hi Mel, It is Awesome that you are recovering sooner than expected. I hope you are more able to get around now then when we chatted last. This may be the wrong place to say this but life is a gift, we are all lucky to survive it daily. As I am older I see that and try to live each day aware of it. I think this is a reason for my high sex drive and open personality.. I miss your loving posts, get well soon girlfriend..

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      2. I’m trying, sweets! Thank you for your encouragement and yournwisdom, friend. I am starting to itch to write again. I know that I am wearing out my husband but not in the way that I want to. 😦 He lost his energy to write for fun.


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  3. Dear Paul,
    Please accept my sincere apologies for asking a question during such a time.
    I was incredibly selfish.
    My prayers to Melinda for a full and speedy recovery, and to you and the family for peace & unity.
    That sounds frightening and painful.
    So glad that she is recovering well.
    May this bring you two and your family all the more close.



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