Starting The Year Off with the Right Mindset 

It is a VERY happy new year for Paul and me! The holidays were absolutely crazy and entirely beautiful despite my illness. No one else in our household caught my plague and I recovered enough to continue our plans and to be able to make love with my wonderful husband throughout most of the busy month.

With everyone returning to their schedules, the next few days will be both quiet.and busy. Aside from work and our children’s school, the evenings will be full of taking down all of the beautiful Christmas decorations. I forget how each post-holiday season is met with the sadness in seeing the wondrous lights and ornamentations throughout our town I’ve way to the normal, dreary winter plainness.

Instead of focusing on synthetic beauty, I will place my attention upon the visions of my husband’s face, eyes, smile, hands, thighs, legs, ass and that perfect cock! 

No, dear readers, I will spend my thoughts looking forward to giving Paul access to every part of my body and heart that he needs. Every moment that I can feel his touch, kiss and the warmth of his skin as I feel the weight of his body and the pressure of his cock moving deep inside of me will be cherished.

Those perfect minutes of the pulsing of my husband’s cock as he releases his gift into me followed by the pleasure of his amazing tongue and sexy lips over my vulva and clitoris and the sounds of his moans as he drinks our fluids from inside of me are incomparable. 

This will truly be a happy and wonderful new year!


6 thoughts on “Starting The Year Off with the Right Mindset ”

  1. Hi Mel, thank you for posting:
    I so look forward to your posts, they are always so delicious. I feel we think alike in semen consumption. You always post pictures of such nice white, large loads. They always make me day dream of my husband or myself cleaning them up.
    Yum, this one looks like four or five delightful gulps if shot directly in my mouth..

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    1. I love that you and I and our husbands think so much alike. I asked Paul if he’d be willing to post a pic of us on one of our posts just so you can see how we really look. Paul’s semen is white and smooth (not clear, but not so milky as with this pic). He does cum a lot and it takes me several gulps to keep it from spilling out of my mouth when I suck his cock to orgasm.

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  2. I’ve spent two hours before midnight on new year’s eve spoiling and massaging my girl, while getting teased in return. It was a fantastic night, pulling and sucking on her labia and kissing her opening, all the while she gave me small gentle touches, just enough to keep me excited and making semen for her. Needless to say, we started the year perfectly!

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    1. Rok, spoiling her is what makes you a special man. When you do this for her, she spoils you, too. You are both reaching new heights in your intimacy and it warms my heart to read of your relationship going so deep!


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