Holiday Rundown: Sickness is Keeping Him from Me

This holiday season has been incredibly special for both Paul and me but the incessant schedule of activities and events has taken a toll on me. On the night of Christmas, I was so rundown and starting to feel achy, slightly feverish and congested and had was incapable of giving or receiving pleasure with Paul. 

I awoke Boxing Day morning with a full-blown cold and spent the day being pampered by my doting husband as he took care of everything; all of my needs as well as our kids. He is on the move with all of our commitmentsite and getting our kids to each of their activities. I am worried that he will soon be afflicted with this plague as he hadn’t slowed to rest. 

Thankfully, I am on the rebound and recovery and soon I will be able to receive from my husband but I fear that as I heal, he will be taken down by this vile disease, continuing our forced hiatus from intimacy. What I wouldn’t give to be spending mornings with his face buried between my thighs, right now!

We are heading to our new year and the hunger to give and receive release is beginning to mount within me (how I crave to have him mount me!). 

Soon, my love! Soon!


12 thoughts on “Holiday Rundown: Sickness is Keeping Him from Me”

  1. Get well soon Mel:
    My husband has also been afflicted with this same issue. He like you is very strong, even you strong ones get run down with so much life demands these days.
    I really love this picture, her bud peeking out from under her hood and Her love nest being filled with this thick stump..
    I would have loved to see this creamy load afterwards..

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  2. Hope you get better soon! My girl and I have spent the last week with mutual laryngitis. Now our lovemaking is interrupted with fits of coughing, but we power through it. Nice pictures by the way, they give me some ideas! 😉


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    1. I’m trying. Paul just left again to take the kids to yet another activity. I desperately need to cum and I don’t want to get Paul sick. Not only do I need to cum but I am craving to be filled with semen. Oh my goodness how I am starting to sound like a whiny child. 😦


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