May Your Holidays be Filled (with Joy and Happiness)!

Hello my sweeties!

I wanted to post a quick note to say to all of our readers and followers that I miss every one of you. Paul and I are enjoying the season that is filled with such love and joy with each other and our kids. We have been so busy making love…ok…we have been fucking each other like teenagers! 🙂

I can’t say this enough but I am blessed to have such a loving, caring and attentive husband and throughout these last few weeks, he continues to show me how a woman should be loved. I am so full of his warmth and the joy that we share even in the most stressful of days that can drag me down with such ease. Laying down and feeling Paul’s tongue and lips between my legs and his perfect cock inside me or in my mouth brings me back to contentment. Being filled with his semen settles me down (even though he cleans what he can from me) and restores me for another day.

It is my hope and prayer for each of you to have a Merry Christmas and the joy and love that you desire and need, especially in this season.



13 thoughts on “May Your Holidays be Filled (with Joy and Happiness)!”

  1. Hi Mel, Thanks for posting:
    You don’t know how wet it makes me to read your husband cleans his semen from you regularly. That his tongue is used on your womanhood so often, with perfect results, that you routinely make love!
    This picture makes me think I need to stand over my husband again and let his seed spill into his wide open mouth; I just love the creamy white thick semen, what a dream.
    Merry Christmas

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    1. Admittedly, your posts get me very excited, too! Your last post got me very wet. I hope you do stand over your husband like this!! Paul’s semen on his face is so sexy!!! I can’t help myself but lick and kiss him to enjoy his cum!

      Merry Christmas my sweet friend!!


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  2. Greetings Mel, thank you for your kind thoughts!
    I can’t wait what you and your husband have in store for your readers in the year to come. The posts you made this year have certainly influenced my relationship and I thank you for that, the love my girl and I feel for each other has never been deeper and you are responsible for a big part in that!


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      1. We have opened up a lot more to each other. During foreplay we pay extra attention that we both start flowing with juices, only to drink from each other during lovemaking, literally and figuratively.

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    1. Hi Gemmi!

      Thank you for your comments. We can love our husbands and dedicate ourselves to giving to them with everything from within us. When we give like this, we also learn how to receive. My husband and I discovered this individually but also as a couple. It was so incredible that the timing for us both was synchronized and yet we didn’t plan anything. Something within each of us was needing to be fulfilled and we found it in giving to each other.

      I hope that you and your husband make your own discoveries!



    1. James, my sweet, you are such a wonderful man for giving this to your lover! There are so few of you men who enjoy the sensual nature of licking up the mixture of love fluids, let alone going down after releasing semen into her. Happy new year to you and to her!!



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