Giving Him His Fantasies Means that I, too Receive!

We were exhausted. It was not the kind of fatigue or tiredness that one feels after a long run or a full day of physical labor (working in the yard?) but that satisfied feeling that we experience after the release of all the sexual and emotional energy over the course of a few hours connected with the one you love. Paul and I laid there in the moment, talking about how wonderful each other is. My body was almost sore from the delicious touching, tasting, licking, caressing, nibbling that Paul gave to me. My pussy was fatigued (not sore or raw that it can sometimes feel) but that sensation that we have that is an external indication that I needed a few hours before I could imagine him entering me again.

We are at a point in our lives where we no longer hold back from what we talk about. On this particular night, Paul asked me about sensual fantasies that might be lingering that I am holding back from discussing with him (there are, but we aren’t going to talk about them on our blog, just yet). I mentioned a few but then we found ourselves talking about his fantasy that led to us thinking about having a blog. His fantasy was one that was born from his near-revulsion that he had surrounding his semen. Aside from the loss of interest in sex that men experience (especially with younger men), Paul avoided his semen after he released whether it was inside of me, on me or in my mouth. He wouldn’t dream of kissing me after his cock had been in my mouth even if I didn’t suck him to orgasm.

Now that this cum-resistance has long passed, we seem to have taken for granted that he is always eager to put his mouth where his gorgeous cock has been; cum or no cum. It is pure joy for us both as it always leads to more orgasms for both of us.

Getting back to the discussion of fantasies, Paul loves being directed – or, should I say, “ordered?” He loves it when I tell him that he better get down to my pussy and clean his mess. He loves being told to share his cum with me. He loves it all! Paul mentioned how he still has an initial (perhaps, instinctual), visceral response when he pulls his cum-covered cock from inside of me and he sees his semen covering my labia, clit and then is begins to flow from inside of me. He hesitates and I can tell that he is momentarily (internally) addressing his avoidance instinct and is conflicted by how he loves tasting his cum on me. This is when I know that he desires my verbal intervention. It is nothing short (pun very much intended) of amazing when his cock springs to attention in mere seconds after I tell him, “Baby, you better get down there and clean up your mess!” I tell him. “I want to taste us, too! Go get it and bring it to me!”

Seconds after telling him to go down on me, I am in heaven feeling his tongue entering me and licking my vulva. The sounds of his moaning and the wetness only makes it even more enjoyable. In the midst of it all, because I am still so sensitive from having him fucking me, I find myself overrun with a succession of orgasms and demanding that his cock be inside of me yet again!

I love making my husband’s fantasies a reality. I love to give to him. In giving to him what he wants, I too receive the blessings of a love and loving relationship that is beyond fulfilling. This man truly loves me and I love and adore him.

Now, Paul…about my fantasies…


24 thoughts on “Giving Him His Fantasies Means that I, too Receive!”

    1. It has never been about “sex,” per se. Because of who Melinda is and how she and I are together AND that she naturally followed me and I did the same with her, our experiences have broadened, tremendously. She is the most amazing woman that I could have ever been blessed with. We have become one together. When we make love, that is the physical representation of being one.

      We make love daily (sometimes multiple times). It is never routine and always possesses the a measure or the “first time” excitement!

      Thank you for your comment!

      – Paul

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      1. I think that’s the way it is in any good relationship. Our sex keeps getting better and the only explanation is a continuing expansion of the knowledge of each other’s bodies. That takes time and willingness. All the best to you both!

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    2. Hello, Michael! I am so glad that you enjoyed the post!! Paul and I love your blog and how you and The Queen are together. Yes, we so so many similarities in the way that you two love each other as Paul and I do. I get to take credit for choosing that sexy pic (yay!) as I saw it and it fit how we are together, so well!


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  1. Thank you Melinda for explaining in more detail how Paul regains his arousal, how it’s not the cum-eating in itself, but you asking him to do it if I understand correctly? 🙂

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    1. The pleasure in explaining is certainly mine (and Paul’s)! However, let me clarify something. To say it as he is for us, “how it’s not JUST the cum-eating in itself, but you asking him to do it.” Paul LOVES eating his cum from me whether it is from inside my pussy or after he cums in my mouth and we share a creamy, wet kiss (with his entire load)!

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      1. I just might. Right now I’m saving my cum for tomorrow and have been since friday, as requested by my girl. She wants to experience giving a blowjob and receiving a very big mouthful, the one where you have to gulp multiple times and the cum just keeps flowing. So there is material to write i guess!

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      1. He he! I was wondering!

        Last night, I shared a mouthful of Paul with him! That is one of the sexiest things to do with a man…to let him experience his cum inside of me and in my mouth. Sharing his gift to me back with him. That is so hot!!

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    1. Help us understand what is happening. Her friend – I presume is a female – is giving you attention that is unwanted? Does this mean that she is flirting with you and that you don’t feel comfortable with it?


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