He is My Dream as He Dreams

I was awakened when I felt air breezing over my hips and across my back. I couldn’t remember a single detail about the dream that I was just involved in. His movements behind me were suddenly apparent to me with the fog of deep sleep lifting and my awareness of my location and surroundings increased. Paul was thrashing and moaning.

The glow of the digital display from my clock became crystalline and the numbers came into focus; “1:57.” We had only been asleep for a few hours and now Paul was having a dream that left me wondering if it was frightful or of a more sensual nature. I rolled over to face him. He was lying on his back with the sheets pushed off of him. The moonlight peaking into the room was back-lighting his body giving his form a subtle outline. His movements settled for a moment. My eyes glanced at his chest and followed the outline downward. When I saw his fully erect cock throbbing, any questions that I had regarding the theme of his dream were answered.

I watched Paul’s cock-movements as his dream progressed. I wondered who he was fucking in his dream as his hip muscles flexed and relaxed in unison with his PC muscle. His moaning was so loud that I grew concerned about his voice carrying and waking our kids sleeping down the hall. The faint light that outlined Paul’s body began to glint at the tip of his beautiful cock. A bead of semen began to form at the opening of his penis. I was in awe of him and I began to wonder if he was going to climax in his dream. Would I get to watch my beautiful husband release his semen as he fucked someone in his dream. I could feel wetness beginning to form on my vulva as my own arousal started to consume my thoughts. I wanted him but I didn’t want to disrupt my husband.

I couldn’t take my eyes from his cock. As the seconds ticked off the clock, Paul’s moans intensified. The beads of cum that continued to emerge from his cock were falling down to his torso leaving a sexy “string” of cum that connected the two points. A small pool of his cum was starting to build. I resisted the urge to reach to Paul to take some of his semen onto my finger. I wanted to taste him. I could see that his cock was growing more firm. My husband’s dream was getting him closer to cumming. “Yes, baby! Please cum! I need to see this!” I couldn’t help that my desires for his pleasure were making me more and more hungry for him. I reached my left hand down to touch myself and noticed how wet I was. Between my current excitement and how much of Paul’s cum remained inside me from making love before we fell asleep, I was making a mess of the bottom sheet of our bed.

My husband’s breathing became very rapid and deep. This is one Paul’s indicators that he is about to cum. His cock was now at its most erect and largest. “Yes, please my love. Cum for me, baby,” I thought to myself. He was pushing his hips slightly upward and relaxing. He was pushing himself deeper into the woman he was dreaming about. Whether he was fucking me or someone else seemed so irrelevant to me. I desperately wanted his release! My stare was locked onto that gorgeous cock and the now steady, yet light flow of semen being emitted. “Baby?” Paul’s voice became clear to me, suddenly. “Are you alright?” He asked. I turned my head to see that his eyes were now open and he was looking at me. “Why did you stop?” he asked me. “I am so close!” Paul continued.

I realized that he awakened at the moment of climax and didn’t understand that he had been dreaming. This was my chance. I moved over to him and took his cock into my mouth. Paul gasped for a breath as I felt his penis extend between my lips. I moved my left hand to his balls and caressed them, gently. I pushed my finger to his perineum and I could feel how engorged he was. I squeezed my lips and pressed my tongue against his cock and began to move my head, sliding up and down on his cock.

“Baby, move your leg over and straddle me!” Paul wanted to lick me, too. I got so aroused thinking about all of my wetness and his semen that had been inside me for several hours. I cold taste the sexiness of our love-making on his cock and could smell the fragrance at the base. I moved over him and suddenly felt his tongue on my pussy as he started on me. I felt his warm, wet mouth on me as he pushed his tongue into me. Suddenly, Paul’s cock began to erupt into my mouth. He pushed his hips up, driving his cock upward as I continued moving on him while he flooded my mouth. I continued pressing my fingers against his perineum as his contractions coincided with each pulse of cum shooting into my mouth.

I could feel Paul sucking my clit into his mouth as he came. His touch is both soft and firm. I felt myself getting closer to orgasm. Paul’s attention to my cum-soaked pussy was unceasing. I hungrily swallowed every drop of his semen, sucking his cock as I squeezed him to extract all of my warm and delicious gift. The excitement of watching him before taking him into my mouth made me so sensitive that it didn’t take but a little bit of Paul’s attention with his mouth before I began to cum just as his orgasm was winding down. The waves of pleasure made me shake. Paul kept sucking on my clit as the waves took me over. I couldn’t hold myself in that position and I dropped onto his body and yet he didn’t stop.

I began to beg for Paul to stop. I couldn’t take the pleasure any longer as it only continued building. Paul relaxed and I laid there on top of him. I had his cock in my face and it was so relaxing. My breathing began to slow and I closed my eyes and relaxed. I wanted to ask Paul about his dream but I fell asleep on top of him, completely contented and very tired.

How Paul woke me will be topic for another post.



13 thoughts on “He is My Dream as He Dreams”

    1. Not at that moment. He got up so early this morning but he took the time to make me feel good one more time before I moved off from sleeping on him. When he reviewed this article is when he realized that his pleasure started in his dream world before I finished him in our world. 😉

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  1. It’s nice to see people having wet dreams outside of their teenage years and outside abstinence 🙂
    Seems like Paul has a very high sex drive! Well, I’m not surprised, given how you also pay attention to his balls during oral sex 😉

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    1. Thank you, my dear, sweet Rok!

      Paul does have a high drive from what I understand. Until we started to read blogs and hear what other couples experience (or, do not experience), we had no real concept of what normal sexual intimacy was for people. I never talked about sex with my girlfriends or shared experiences. I never really felt comfortable talking about what, for me, is a very private and personal subject matter. It wasn’t until recently that both of us felt a curiosity and began reading and researching sex in marriage and we were both shocked to find that normal for couples is to have sex, at the most, once a week. We have sex every day and multiple times on some days if we can get ourselves away from the kids. When we have sex, seldom is it one orgasm for each of us but rather a series of multiples for me and two to three for Paul.

      When Paul was having his dream, it seemed, at first to be a frightful one. It wasn’t until I saw his cock that I knew it was a sexy dream.

      I LOVE Paul’s balls!!!! I cradle, caress, lick and suck them. THEY BELONG TO ME!!! Loving his balls turns me on especially when I see what it does to him. Also, my beautiful children started inside those gorgeous orbs of delight. They are mine, all mine!!

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      1. That is so awesome to hear! Like you, I didn’t share that much experiences with my friends, but the online community is quite vibrant, and less judgemental it seems as well. I certainly enjoy communicating with you two!
        Funny enough that you mentioned how many times Paul can cum, today I came twice during lovemaking, something that has never happened before! I’m certainly looking forward to many more lovemaking sessions like this, it could be that my girl gave me a really relaxing 20-minute ball massage prior to having sex, and all the rubbing and pulling made me super-aroused, and I felt so charged with semen I kept squeezing out more and more!

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      2. Rok,

        That is so sexy! I am glad to see that your love-making is expanding. Paul’s orgasms are pure joy for me. Seeing his face when he is in ecstasy is something that I can never experience enough and when he cums more than once or twice, it only makes me more aroused and ready to cum again.

        20 minutes with your balls? Mmmmm! I could easily love Paul’s balls for that length of time. We enjoy chatting with you, too! Do you blog at all?

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      3. It’s like a never-ending cycle when your partner’s orgasm advances yours as well! A short ball massage I think really prepares and primes the male body for sex, you can see (and he can feel) how his balls are becoming bigger and swollen, working very hard to make all of the juices you love!
        I have made an account only to comment, but I might start to make posts as well should I feel like it, I’ve entertained the idea in my head and it seems pleasant.

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      4. When I touch Paul’s PC muscle when I suck his cock, I can feel the swelling of his prostate (that’s where most of the cum is made and stored before ejaculation). I know my hubby’s anatomy and did very will with my A&P classes at University so I have good understanding how his body works and where things are. Yes, I love his semen. I can’t imagine not enjoying what he makes for me!

        I would love to read what you have to write. Please consider it.

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      5. I should hope that after this many years I would know my man’s body and how he functions. I also studied A&P for the degree I was pursuing before I changed majors. Paul was pre-med in college. We both have medical professionals for a parent, too.

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