Finally! I broke through and Cleaned the Mess I Made

The evening was one of decadence. I veritable sensual assault on my palate and my libido. Melinda’s orgasmic release was only heightened by my whisperings, telling her of my plans only to be further escalated when tongue met saturated vulva and the seminal-vaginal fluid mixture was consumed, lick by gentle lick.


Authors’ note: This article was written in the context of Paul’s journey to break through the barrier of inhibition about eating his creampies with his wife. We will be sharing several more articles that address many of the obstacles that we both had to overcome to attain the sexual freedom we now enjoy.

After so many nights (days, weeks, months…er…years) of sexual activities, last night was THE breakthrough that I’ve awaited with much anticipation. Utterly amazing what overcoming a barrier like this has done for lighting up our bed! I am so encouraged that I will now be able to incorporate post-(orgasm) ejaculation cunnilingus into our sexual encounters and activities on a recurring, if not regular basis!

The evening began like many others – a shower and the warm-up kissing and mutual caressing. Melinda noted the small, battery powered bullet and wondered why it was out being as her favorite toy is her Lelo Sorya due to the overwhelming orgasms she achieves from brief stimulation. When I told her that it was for use on me during fellatio, she was quietly excited at the idea of something spicy to do for me.

When she was ready to move down to me, she grabbed my cock and began stroking the shaft and caressing my boys. Her lips met the head and she began to lick around, moving down to the underside of the glans and corona. Switching on the bullet, she immediately began to apply vibration to the base of the shaft whilst sucking and licking the head. The tingles from the pulsation traveled to the shaft and to my perineum muscles and prostate. The sensation was, to say the least, fabulous!

After a few orgasmic near misses (I got very close to ejaculation), Melinda pulled off, laid back and I moved in for some stroking – my goal to edge a number of times in order to fill her with semen prior to licking her. As I entered, I noticed an unusual increase in arousal and sensitivity in both of us – most likely due to the addition of the vibrator. Melinda’s labia and clitoral shaft were enlarged more than normal without a stroke of stimulation. My sensitivity had me at the point of no return after one or two strokes.

With some careful maneuvering and positioning, I was able to commence in long-term thrusting, trying desperately to push my penis head to the spongy “G-spot” area of the inside of her pussy. Within 5-6 minutes, I felt the prostate pressure mounting and I shortened my strokes to get my orgasm to the edge slowly to prevent myself from going over. As I felt the ejaculation urge arise, I clamped down on the PC-muscle stopping the orgasm while releasing a full pulsations of semen. The beauty of employing the edging technique (provided one is diligent with Kegel exercises and has a strong PC-muscle) is that extending penis-in-vagina activities to be prolonged while her pussy gets increasingly lubricated with the accumulating semen.

Following the third edged-release of my semen, I spied my cock as I withdrew from Melinda’s sloppy pussy to see that it had the appearance of a glistening freshly glazed, elongated doughnut. I looked at my wife’s vaginal opening in time to see a large glob of pearlescent liquid beginning to breech her labia. Extremely aroused and excited, I leaned down thrusting my tongue into the warm cum and scooped out a what seemed like a mouthful. The rich thickness of our cum was overwhelming. I could taste the combination of our flavours swirled together into a concoction of sexy nectar. I continued to extract as much as I could reach with my tongue, stopping only to insert my index finger to scoop out what was beyond the tip of my tongue.

I dragged residue out and upward as I coated Melinda’s labia and clitoral hood with our love juices. I was sensing the tingling sensation on my tongue and in my mouth so I was certain that her vulvar region was similarly stimulated. I began to work on teasing her lips and frenulum while hinting at contact with her clitoris. I continued to work for a time, escalating her arousal as I increased my tongue strokes. She experienced a few small arousal peaks as I worked. Melinda’s excitement was climbing and she begged for the Sorya.

Wanting to oblige her, I reached for the pink wonder and eased in. With a few strokes, Melinda heaved her hips back, begging me to turn it on as she invited a deeper thrust. With a press of the button, the friendly hum engaged and she settled into the sensation. I continued to lick and tease her clit as I worked the toy. Within a few minutes, her body clenched as she tightened for a massive orgasm. Her scream of delight was so loud, I knew the children had to be awakened. With the warm spring evening and the windows open, every neighbor on our street HAD to know that she was hitting the high of orgasmic highs. I have come to enjoy her climaxes more than my own as her signals are so excitingly sexy!

Melinda, not wanting to come down too far after I shut down her Sorya, begged me to get inside of her. As a husband seeking every opportunity to please her, I rapidly obeyed and entered for another session of intercourse. Moments into thrusting, I began to think of how I wanted to broach the subject of eating her creampie. I began to tell her how much I enjoy the sloppy liquids that we create. I began to tell her how sexy the mess is. Melinda’s responses were so electrifying as she spread her legs wide and pulled them back, allowing me to go as deep as I wanted. Her breathing began to get very rapid as she affirmed how sexy she thought it was. I told her that I was going to taste our juices after I came…and she lost all control.

Melinda began to orgasm again (which seldom occurs during intercourse). She said that it was incredibly sexy that I was going to do that. My wife was so heated and so turned on at the thought of me lapping up my semen and her juices…the massive flow…that she just let loose. I couldn’t help but let go of all control. No more edging. No more holding back. I let go of such a wonderfully massive orgasm as my cock began to throb sending pulse after pulse of liquid rushing into her beautiful pussy.

After 8-9 squirts, I quickly withdrew and headed down. The look in her eyes of innocence and allure as she watched me head down once again, this time without a doubt as to the mess at hand. She and I were out of our minds with excitement as I lapped up every drop of liquid that I could get my tongue on. I continued to work her after cleaning all of the visible and reachable cum that I could find. After all was said and done, Melinda headed to the bathroom for her usual post-ejaculation cleanup only to find that there was NOTHING left. I had taken it all in. Her delighted smile was all I needed to see to confirm that we had broken through. This was the milestone that I have been working for the last year to achieve.

The evening was one of decadence. I veritable sensual assault on my palate and my libido. Melinda’s orgasmic release was only heightened by my whisperings, telling her of my plans only to be further escalated when tongue met saturated vulva and the seminal-vaginal fluid mixture was consumed, lick by gentle lick.

16 thoughts on “Finally! I broke through and Cleaned the Mess I Made”

  1. I have found that my wife gets very excited by the same thing. I’ve done it for years, but of course lately it hasn’t been possible. Still if I ever have an accident and actually cum without permission, I know that part of the punishment will be to clean her up with my mouth and tongue!

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  2. Paul likes me to order him to clean me up. Normally, he would go down on me anyway, but he gets extremely aroused when I tell him to get started on his mess. I am happy that he decided to share this with everyone and yes, it is one of the most sensually delightful activities that I enjoy that Paul does for us. I cum so quickly from the time he presses his tongue inside of me. The knowledge of my man licking semen from inside of me gets me close to orgasm in seconds and then I enjoy the feeling of his loving attention and I let go with ease. Heaven!!

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  3. Thank you for such a detailed description of your lovemaking Paul! I wish I had such a well developed ability to give my girl small spurts of semen before orgasming fully!

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    1. Rok,

      I can’t really describe what led me to the idea of edging beyond it being a mere physiological response when I realized that my body releases when I am inside of Melinda. It happens several times. I paid attention to my body’s signals and then built on that awareness.

      It is rather sexy and arousing to look down at my cock when I am sliding in and out of her and to see the frothed-semen covering me and her. I almost came when Melinda begged me to show the mess to her so I took pics and video for her to enjoy.

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      1. Thank you for explaining that! I will try to replicate the same, it’s very hard though…I’ve only done it a couple of times if I was away from my girl for a week and haven’t ejaculated. I have to be packed full in order to release during edging, and there’s not a chance in hell my girl and I will wait for a week and keep our hands off each other 😉
        I’m really glad Melinda likes to watch too!


      2. I am glad, too! It is a total-turn on to have her this interested and aroused. Even after all of these years, I am falling deeper in love with her!

        We have sex pretty much every day and sometimes – weekend in particular – two or more (depending upon our kids’ schedules). I edge with her most of the time unless she’s begging for my full orgasm and to fill her pussy with cum. Hearing her say these words makes is hard to control my ejaculations but it is very much worth it to see her satisfied.

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      3. Control is hard when she is asking to cum inside, but I oblige most of the time, especially if she starts to get sore, but I have to be deep inside her, the last time we tried a new position where I was only about half-length in her and she was a little bit disappointed, saying she couldn’t feel me cumming…but now we know!

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      4. I understand. Melinda craves the feeling of my cock pumping the semen into her. She can feel it best when I am behind her. She often holds my balls and presses on my pubococcygeus (PC) muscle to feel, with her hand, the pulsations of semen flowing into her. She feels my pre-release engorging and her orgasm starts to build. She often cums when she feels me letting go inside of her. This is why she tells me to cum – to feel all of that.

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      5. Mmm, that’s the best way to cum I feel, together! We are usually in the missionary position when I cum, that’s when I can go the deepest. Normally I stop thrusting at that time and hold myself still, just letting the pulses do the work. When they calm down a bit I try to throb some more for about a minute, just to get those last few drops in her and she loves every moment of that, just the thought often sends her over the edge.

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      6. Hi Rok,

        When Paul cums, his cock throbs and I can feel him pulsing at the opening of my pussy. If I am holding his balls and pressing him behind them, It feels so good. He sometimes holds still as you do but I LOVE it when he thrusts deep into me as he cums. It helps me to go over the edge and to cum with him!

        I always know what will follow his releasing in me. I get to feel his powerful tongue inside and on me as he cleans all of his cum from me!!! If he waits inside of me too long, I have to give him direction so that he gets started on me.


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      7. Hi Melinda!
        Great to hear your input as well, I can imagine how Paul keeps on thrusting, given his earlier descriptions. My girl does sometimes hold me like you do, but most of the time she just wraps her arms and legs around me and holds me tight. I love watching her as I fill her up, she develops a soft satisfied smile and starts moaning gently.

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      8. I remember the first time I ejaculated inside my girl. It was the first time anybody had done that to her and the emotional reaction from her was incredibly strong. Since then, I’m giving her all my semen. When we are going to try for babies she will go crazy! And I will be right behind her, throbbing and spurting.

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      9. Paul and I were the same. When I went off the pill, the emotional response to receiving his semen was so intense. My body seemed to take in every drop and I felt myself craving his cum inside of me with an increasing ferocity. My OB told me that we had to slow down the sex because his sperm production can’t keep up with 5-6 ejaculations per day. I got pregnant two weeks after we slowed down our fucking.

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