Blowing Past the Roadblocks and Extending Intimacy (Part II)

Male physiological response to orgasm and ejaculation is, for the most part, carved into stone. However, there are ways to push beyond the physical limitations but, like wheeling a large ship, the rudders take time to respond to the helm commands.


In Part I of this topic, I covered a handful of the roadblocks that couples (husbands in particular) encounter, preventing them from reaching beyond the gravitational bonds of routine and vanilla intimacy. As one of my friends suggests, the “one and done” mindset (meaning, a single orgasm for one or both spouses) during intimacy can become the norm for far too many marriages without any awareness or realizations that they have become mired in a sexual rut. Like Burt Reynolds’ character (Bandit) in the film, Smokey and the Bandit, I have been bursting through those roadblocks like a 1978 Trans Am running from Sheriff Buford T. Justice.

My hope is that what I am covering today in Part II will provide you with the motivation, excitement and high octane fuel for my readers to blow through each barricade with the accelerator pedal pushed to the floor and through it. I only ask of my readers that they take into consideration that what worked (and is working) for me, may not bring you the same success or, if it does, not in the same timing. The two-most important tools to breaking through are patience and communication.

Overcoming body chemistry limitations
Male physiological response to orgasm and ejaculation is, for the most part, carved into stone. However, there are ways to push beyond the physical limitations but, like wheeling a large ship, the rudders take time to respond to the helm commands. We have to lighten the load, so to speak, in order to make the vessel more responsive. We can’t be dragging an anchor in the water or have a tow-line attached to a ore-laden barge while trying to maneuver as a speedy, nimble frigate.

Stowe the Anchor
What are you dragging that you could retract? Some of us men have challenges with our semen.  In my experience, I had a semen avoidance problem. Though, in my fantasies, I wanted to perform oral on my wife after I ejaculated inside of her, I couldn’t get passed being squeamish around my ejaculate. I had to slowly walk myself through this process. Having made the decision to eat my creampies, first, I masturbated to the point where my penis began emitting precum. From there, I had to start sampling this liquid in order to get an idea of what my cum tasted like. After several sessions (over the course of a few months off and on), I was masturbating to full ejaculation (and orgasm) into my hand and sampling from the large deposit. It still took some time before I could take the entire load into my mouth.

(Note: Squeamish folks may want to skip past this paragraph.) In order to take all of my ejaculate, I thought that it would be easier if I could take it straight from the tap. Being fairly flexible and athletic, one day, I began working my penis and the thought occurred to me that I could contort my body to get the head of my penis close to my mouth when I got close to the point of orgasm. When I felt the pressure rise, I opened my mouth and fired away. Most of my load (at least a tablespoon+) shot and drizzled into my mouth while some deposited onto my chin. I swirled (what was then, the largest amount of my cum that I have had in my mouth) the sweet and salty, warm substance around to get a good idea of it and then swallowed it down. I now knew full well what my wife had been enjoying (yes, she tells me that she loves my product) for years. That roadblock is firmly and resoundingly smashed. Having broken through, I no longer masturbate to eat my semen as I have progressed.

Crank up the Engines for Increased Maneuverability
I am as stubborn as they come and when it comes to breaking through these obstacles, I move slowly. If you understand basic seamanship, you know that adding speed along with rudder changes makes the vessel respond quickly and much more nimble. Not happy with my successive failures in achieving my creampie eating objectives, I determined that I might have better success if I could fill my wife with semen without experiencing full orgasmic ejaculations. During sexual stimulation and arousal, men experience small releases of seminal fluids that serve to lubricate the vagina. In layman’s terms, this is known as precum. However, this dribble of fluid would hardly serve to saturate my wife’s vagina to the point where I’d be happy having eaten a creampie. No, I had to take a different approach.

Throughout our sexual relationship, I have gained awareness of the pressure buildup that is the precursor to orgasm. In many intercourse sessions, in my attempts to prolong the enjoyment for both my wife and me, as I felt the impending point of no return, I could stop thrusting to avoid orgasm. In doing so, I would release an amount of ejaculate that was quite similar to what I achieved when releasing a full orgasm. Recommencing thrusting, I could feel the obvious flood of semen that was now present inside my wife. This process is what I term as “edging.” Armed with this knowledge, I thought that rather than try to wait until after I had an orgasm, I could spend some time having penis-in-vagina (PIV) intercourse, ejaculate into my wife via edging, then move down for some delightfully sloppy cunnilingus.  After a few times of edging and subsequent pie-eating, the mental block begins to decay.

My Sails are Unfurled, But the Air is Calm There is nothing quite like dead air when your ship is trying to make way. You have no power to move and obviously, there is no power to change your course. You’re stuck, dead in the water (DIW). In my previous two methods of breaking through the roadblocks, I have addressed to proven methods to overcome some specific challenges that are rooted more in the mental arena. This method is used to overcome a physical challenge that can arise when attempting to use the edging technique.

In the midst of PIV intercourse, you sense the rise of pressure as you are heading to eminent orgasm. As you become aware, of the impending moment, you decide that you want to shut off the orgasm before you reach the PONR only to find that you are physically incapable of doing so successfully. Suddenly, your penis is throbbing as spurt after spurt of semen is flinging amazingly into your wife’s vagina. The inevitable happens again as your loss of desire in eating her creampie rears up once again. Dead in the water.

This happened to me on so many occasions that I’d be better served counting the hairs on my thickly-covered scalp than to tally the numbers of failed attempts to control my ejaculations. I read some information about premature ejaculation and incontinence (not that I suffer from either of these very devastating conditions) while keying in on the idea that one can shut off the flow of ejaculation. Kegel exercises can help with many aspects of male (and female) sex organ health. For me, they have helped me to gain absolute control over my ejaculatory response.

I have an app on my Android phone that helps me keep on track with my exercises. I am prompted to work out my PC muscle 3-4 times a day, adhering to the strict repetitions and intervals of each set. The results are downright amazing. In just a few days of exercising, I could shut down the orgasm while my ejaculations occurred. Today, I can edge 3-4 times (each edge produces 3-5 spurts of semen) which leaves a considerable amount of fluids inside my wife.

All Engines Ahead Full!  Communication is imperative in navigating a ship. The coordination of information between the navigation plotters, the folks shooting visual bearings, the ship’s conning officer and the helmsman is a delicate, yet deliberate dance of oral interaction and actions. Without the direct flow of information, chaos ensues and the ship can stand into danger.

The same principle applies in the bedroom. The single most effective method in overcoming barriers in this creampie quest that propelled me the furthest and fastest was communication. When I finally realized that my bride who loved me and honored me as her husband would harbor no ill thoughts toward me when I told her about my desires. Once I fully understood that my deepest, most erotic thoughts were safe with her (and hers with me), I knew that we would be able to enjoy so much more during our sexual intimacy.

I told Melinda initially (about my desire to lick her cum-soaked vulva) while I was in the midst of thrusting during intercourse. Her immediate escalation of arousal was an obvious sexual response, but it wasn’t in the realm of her consciousness yet. I had to do that during an authentically open dialog in the proper context (she can’t talk about sex unless she’s already thinking about it). At first, her reaction was lacking enthusiasm, however the more she considered it, the more she liked the idea. Since then, she is very encouraging and prepares us both for my creampie eating session.

There are certainly other methods that folks have employed in overcoming these barriers. While those I described are what I used, there are, perhaps others that some of you want to share. I also know that there are women out there who desire for their husbands to do this, but as of yet, haven’t bothered to propose it to them due to a myriad of concerns that could result in rejection.

If you have taken the lead in overcoming any roadblocks in the pursuit of creampie eating (either as a giver or recipient), we would love to hear what has worked for you!

14 thoughts on “Blowing Past the Roadblocks and Extending Intimacy (Part II)”

      1. The majority of your posts are interesting! I have also submitted to you my own story that you can share on your blog. Concerning extended intimacy, my girl and I usually never continue having sex after my orgasm because of the simple fact that I lose my erection.

        Liked by 2 people

  1. We did receive your story – i enjoyed how spontaneous it was for the two of you. We will get it ready for sharing. Thank you for contributing and for sharing what you experienced. We hope this helps others to break through the taboos, fears and stereotypes!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. What stood out for me Paul, was you wrote that during sex you are able to release some of your semen, 3-5 spurts and are able to do this 3-4 times? Wow, that’s a lot of volume. Do you take anything special to make this much? I’m just curious since my girl and I have a bit of a cum fetish, especially her, she loves it if I give her lots!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Melinda is on me to get into taking supplements…especially given where I am in my life. My ejaculations have always been like this though my ability to have more of them closer together (brief refractory periods, if any at all) developed in the last 10 years. My diet is predominantly vegetarian. When I do take in animal proteins, it is poultry rather than bovine. My snacks are raw vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds and drink at least 64oz of water each day. I never tasted my semen previous to being on this eating-style so I can’t comment regarding the flavor, previously so Melinda would have to comment on the differences (and she says that it has improved significantly). I do recall having a more pungent seminal odor and now I can’t discern any scent at all.

      More details than you asked for, but I thought it was relevant. I think that I have a topic for another post!!!

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Hi Rok!! I love your conversation with Paul!

      Paul does tend to cum a lot but he doesn’t take anything. I wonder if there would be a difference in his performance and volume of cum if he did take some of the vitamins and other supplements that I have been recommending to him for years. Paul always darkens my expectations by suggesting that the possibility of a less-favorable outcome also exists. Killjoy. 🙂

      But what if he made more cum and could fill me more times? 😀

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Hello Melinda!
        As far as Paul wrote about his diet, I think he is more or less “maxed out”, but I could be wrong 🙂 I have tried increasing my volume and have had a certain amount of success. If you want to know more you can check out this interesting blog and my comments in the referred post:
        I did try to measure my volume a couple of times when I felt I was close to my maximum and I produced close to 20ml of semen as seen here:
        I certainly hope he will fill you even more! 🙂


      2. Hello, Rok!

        That might just be the case with him. Do you know how sexy it is to see your semen (and to see it in a shot glass)? I am a little embarrassed to say that I instantly wanted to drink that glass. I’ve never seen Paul’s semen in a glass before and now you gave me an idea for Paul and us to try in our bed. 😉 And that blog? Oh wow! Sexy men cumming!!! I will be spending some time “reading” that blog for…educational purposes. Yes…that’s it. Educational purposes.

        On a serious note, Paul has hyperspermia and has for several years. The first time he came home with semen stains in his underwear, I got nervous. Now I know that his condition is just a part of him.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Thank you for that compliment Melinda! Apart from my girl, no woman has ever been so interested in my semen! That picture was a one-off-a-kind, this year I’m producing smaller loads because my sex life improved so much and I ejaculate on nearly a daily basis, as a result I’m never really “pent up” for lack of a better term. Hope you will have fun milking your husband, I’m glad I inspired you!
        That blog I linked to is quite extensive, I’m sure you’ll have fun reading it. The blog owner is also very interested for comments from a female perspective, so write away if you want 🙂
        It looks to me like you two are the perfect match for each other, him being a big producer and you being a very willing receiver!


      4. Thank you, dear,

        Paul and I are perfect for each other and I know we both will be spending time on that site. I am glad to hear that you and your girl are enjoying daily intimacy. This is something the two of us do whatever it takes to maintain. Regardless of whether I am tired or if he has been sick, we make the time to make love.

        So, you won’t have a glass for me?? Darn! 😦 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      5. I have never said I wouldn’t have a glass 😉 I’m just saying I’ll have a difficult time filling one to a high level! 😀


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